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The Fungal Infection Trust is an ethical and responsible charity that does not accept money or other incentive in order to endorse or recommend any product or service.

Any adverts appearing on the Aspergillus Website are not in any way endorsements of the advertised services or products and we do not accept any responsibility for those products or services. In the case of Google adverts we have very limited control over the products or services offered. If you have any complaints about any advert you have seen on the Aspergillus Website please contact us and we will investigate. We will attempt to remove any advert we feel has caused justifiable complaint

Those company/charity logos that are displayed on the Aspergillus website are those of our sponsors. Our sponsors donate money to the charity as a whole and do not seek the influence the website in any way.

The Aspergillus website does not accept any interference from its sponsors with regard to editorial policy.

Those links that are present on the Aspergillus website are generally public resources with no commercial bias, or in some cases have been recommended by a member of the editorial board. We take no responsibility for the content  of the websites we link to, as we have no control over them.

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