Please note that the recommendations for therapy given here are based on a synthesis of the literature and medical experience, which may at any time be incomplete, out-of-date or incorrect, although all reasonable efforts have been made by the Fungal Infection Trust to ensure that the recommendations are optimal and factually correct. All forms of invasive aspergillosis are a major therapeutic challenge and carry high failure rates. It is a condition of the Fungal Infection Trust (FIT) allowing you free access to the material on this web site that you accept that the Fungal Infection Trust:

(a) will not be liable for any errors of fact or possible misinterpretation of therapeutic recommendations provided here; and

(b) does not take any responsibility for any adverse events, including death or permanent disability, that might arise as a result of using any of the therapeutic (or diagnostic) recommendations given here.

Any statements made in this web site are governed by English law. On no account shall any statement on this web site constitute an offer to provide services. No individual should take action on any therapeutic recommendation without first consulting a qualified physician.

NOTE: This statement applies to all webpages, APP/applications, database information and content supplied by the FIT.

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