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Our objective is to provide teaching resources for all levels of education, to advance an understanding of Aspergillus, the diseases its species may cause and how they may be treated.


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NEW Interactive masterclass: Videos now available

Management of chronic and allergic pulmonary aspergillosis, by Prof David Denning. As presented at the 5th AAA meeting in Istanbul 25th January 2012. View programme

Part 1:Clinical and radiological presentation and diagnosis (Slides)
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Part 2: Clinical case quiz - what is the diagnosis?

Case BM Case Bmcl
Case JC Case CA
Case MR Case CER

Q & A cribsheet session 1

Part 3:Disease progression and approaches to therapy (slides)
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Part 4:Management of chronic and allergic aspergillosis (slides)
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Session 2 Interactive case histories

Case Bs-B Case FM
Case FT Case JR

Q & A cribsheet session 2

Part 5: Anti-fungal therapeutic drug monitoring and azole dose modification (Slides) View video

Part 6:Antifungal skin reactions ( Slides) View video

Part 7:Neurological toxicity of Tri-azole Antifungals (slides) View video

Part 8:Clinical failure and its management (Slides) View Video