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An introduction to fungi and Aspergillus in health and disease. Author: Jenny Bartholomew
The extraordinary spectrum of diseases caused by Aspergillus Author: David Denning
Fungal keratitis in man Author: Andrew Tullo, Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester, UK
The Fungal Kingdom - diverse and essential roles in earth's ecosystem
Author: Merry Buckley
Alkaptonuria and Aspergillus nidulans Author: Miguel Penalva
An introduction to anti-fungal pharmacology Author: Russell Lewis
Lipid Amphotericin B formulations and Echinocandins Author: Russell Lewis
Invasive Aspergillosis in Allogeneic stem cell transplantation (ASID 2005) Author: Kasha Singh

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6th Advances Against Aspergillosis, Madrid, Spain. February 28-March 1, 2014 – Workshop Slides
Introduction/Opening slides Author: Manuel Cuenca-Estrella
Study of antifungal resistance mechanisms in cryptic species Author: Emilia Mellado
Multi-resistant aspergillosis due to cryptic species Author: Susan Howard
Epidemiology of infections by cryptic species of Aspergillus: TRANSNET,
SCARE multicenter study, FILPOP survey (coming soon)
Author: Jan W.M. van der Linden
Recommendations for a routine daily practice Author: Manuel Cuenca-Estrella
Diagnostic methods to detect Aspergillus species in clinical samples using
conventional and non-culture techniques
Author: Jesús V. Guinea
Diagnosis and treatment of aspergillosis (mixed infection with
cryptic species)
Author: Patricia Muñoz
Clinical profile of cryptic Aspergillus species Author: David Denning
In vitro antifungal susceptibility of cryptic Aspergillus species Author: Ana Alastruey-Izquierdo
In vivo response in a mixed infection model of azole susceptible
and resistant Aspergillus spp. strains
Author: Laura Alcazar-Fuoli
Current classification of the clinically relevant Aspergillus species complexes Author: Cornelia Lass-Flörl
Treatment of infections by cryptic Aspergillus species Author: Alessandro C. Pasqualotto
Visual session of unusual Aspergillus species: images and plates Author: Janos Varga
6th Advances Against Aspergillosis, Madrid, Spain. February 28-March 1, 2014 – Main presentations
Fungal-Specific Mechanisms of Ras-Mediated Morphogenetic Signaling in Aspergillus fumigatus Author: Jarrod Fortwendel
Burden and distinctive character of ABPA in India Author: Ritesh Agarwal
Agricultural triazole fungicides should be withdrawn – PRO Author: Katrien Lagrou
Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA) in association with tuberculosis and AIDS Author: Iain Page
New agents for aspergillosis: Development pathways and economic pull Author: John H. Rex
Culture and sensitisation in asthma, CF and COPD – what does it tell us?
Author: Catherine Pashley
Targetting Aspergillus fumigatus virulence factors in a mouse model of corneal infection Author: Eric Pearlman
6th Trends in Medical Mycology, Copenhagen, Denmark. October 11-14, 2013
Emerging fungal threats to animal plant and ecosystem health Author: Matthew Fisher
A bird's eye view of the fungal kingdom - a quest for nomenclature stability (1) Author: Sybren de Hoog
A bird's eye view of the fungal kingdom- changing species names (2) Author: Sybren de Hoog
Therapeutic drug monitoring of azole antifungal drugs Author: Roger Brüggemann
Antifungal PK/PD made simple Author: David Andes
Which antifungal for which site of infection? Author: David Andes
Direct detection of resistance :candins vs azoles Author: David Perlin
Risk assessment in the ICU patient Author: Sergio Ruiz-Santana
Risk assessment in the Haemato-Oncologic patient Author: Martin Hoenigl
Solid organ transplant patients Author: Jose Aguado
Paediatric mycoses: treatment and prophylaxis Author: Andreas Groll
Fungal Biomarkers Author: B Sendid & O Marchetti
The antifungal landscape: looking forward Author: John Rex
Risk assessment in the hemato-onco patient Author: Markus Ruhnke
The role of lymphocytes & IFD in the transplant setting Author: Andrew Ullman
Role of non culture biomarkers for detection of fungal infections Author: Tom Rogers
The global fungal burden Author: David Denning
New generation sequencing any use? Author: Stephane Bretagne
53rd ICAAC Denver September 10-13 2013
ICAAC 2013 Top 10 Papers in Mycology Author: T. Patterson
Transcriptopathies: One Gene, Many Manifestations Author: S Holland
Update on Job's (Hyper IgE) Syndrome: the many paths of STAT3 Author: A Freeman
Prevention of Fungal Infections: What is the Evidence for Antifungals? Author S Husain
23 rd ECCMID Berlin, April 27th -30th 2013
Global epidemiology on fungal infections:
The burden of diseases
Author:  Sevtap Arikan
Fungal epidemiology in CF patients & overview of EUCAST breakpoints Author:C Laas-Florl
Antifungal dosing and therapeutic drug monitoring Author: A Ullmann
Diagnostic tests for aspergillus disease in CF patients Author: K Lagrou
Can statins be useful in invasive fungal infections? Author: P Bergman
Belgian Society for Mycology/ SBIMC Nov 8th, 2012
Pneumonia in a presumed immunocompetent patient Author: M Bruyneel and D Konopnicki
The changing epidemiology of invasive aspergillosis Author: W Meersseman
Aspergillosis spectrum of disease Author: D Denning
Invasive aspergillosis in the ICU Author: D Vogelaers
22 nd ECCMID March 31 - April 3 London ,UK
Maldi-Tof in the clinical route Author: M Sanguinetti
Direct detection of resistance in clinical specimens Author:C Klaassen
Research priorities in Medical Mycology Author: D Denning
How to best diagnose fungal infections Author: C Lass-Flörl
9th Conference of the Society for Indian Human & Animal Mycologists (SIHAM), Siliguri, India. Feb 10th-12th 2012
Medical Mycology in India: Past, Present & Future (Presidential address) Author: A Chakrabarti
Treatment of invasive aspergillosis Author: DW. Denning
Pro Management Guidelines of Invasive Fungal Infections Author: OA. Cornely
Invasive Aspergillosis in India: Unique Challenges  Author: R. Soman
Epidemiology of Fungal Endophthalmitis Author: N. Nayak
Visualising phagosomal killing of Aspergillus fumigatus Author: JM. Vyas
5th Advances against Aspergillosis (AAA), Istanbul, Turkey. Jan 26-28th 2012
Is pre-emptive therapy a realistic approach? Author: JP. Donnelly
Top 3 Papers in Aspergillosis for Clinical Sciences Author: M. Akova
Global status of azole resistance in Europe and Asia Author: S. Arikan-Akdagli
Immune regulation in idiopathic bronchiectasis Author: R. Boyton
Update on resistance mechanisms: Highly active triazole antifungal agents Author: DS. Perlin
Angiogenesis at the mold-host interface: a potential key to understanding and treating invasive aspergillosis Author: R. Ben-Ami
Controversies in management: prophylaxis or diagnostics. Caveats in the use of biological markers for early diagnosis Author: DE. Karageorgopoulos
Regulation of cellular morphogenesis during development in Aspergillus nidulans Author: SD. Harris
Management of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Author: K. Izumikawa
Neutrophil Granulocytes in their defence against invasive aspergillosis Author: M. Gunzer
Top 3 Basic Science Papers on Aspergillus fumigatus 2011 Author: N. Osherov
Pre-emptive vs. empirical treatment Author: O. Uzun
Update on Biologicals for ABPA and Asthma Author: RB. Moss
Emerging Clinical Associations With Aspergillosis: COPD and Aspergillosis Author: J. Guinea
Impact of prophylaxis on galactomannan, ß-D-glucan and PCR Author: JP. Donnelly
Management of Aflatoxigenic Fungi in Groundnut Varieties in Central
Tigray through Soil Solarization and Planting Time
Author: T. Kahsat et. al.
A. oryzae is good at usage of hydrolysing enzyme on solid surfaces Author: Abe & Takahashi
CPA new treatment evidence and emergence of azole resisitant A. fumigatus in Japan Author: K Izumikawa
Pulmonary Aspergillosis: pathogenesis and treatment Author: DW Denning
Is pre-emptive therapy a realistic approach? Author: JP Donnelly
Non culture based diagnosis of aspergillosis Author: C Lass-Flörl
Invasive fungal infections in our hospitals today Author: O Lortholary
Application of PK/PD concepts and the role of TDM in the management of patients with fungal disease The role of combination therapy as of May 2011 Author: C Viscoli
Infection control measures for cancer patients undergoing treatment: prevention of fungal infections in neutropenic patients Author: P Gastmeier
Managing Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis- Recent results with Voriconazole Author: Jacques Cadranel
Author: JP Gangneux
Author: CP Heussel
The spectrum of aspergillosis Author: David Denning
Diagnosis and Management of Fungal Allergy Author: Alan Knutsen
Aspergillus Resistance mechanisms, Susceptibility testing and breakpoints Author: Maiken Arendrup
Antifungal susceptibility testing. Which method and when? Author: JL Rodriguez-Tudela
Clinical impact of the Blood levels of Azoles Author: Oscar Marchetti
Aspergillus and Aspergillosis: From the Environment to the Patient Author: Jesus Guinea
Do animal models help predict host responses to fungal infections and antifungal treatment? Author: Jill Adler-Moore
Aspergillus: nosocomial or community acquired? Author: Philippe Vanhems
Alternative models for studying Aspergilli. Author: Peter Warn
Azole resistance in Aspergillus– is it a problem? Author: Susan Howard
NADPH oxidase: regulator of host defense and inflammation (CGD) Author: Brahm Segal
Clinical Risk Factors for Invasive Aspergillosis Author: John Baddley
Aspergillosis in transplant patients Author: Faouzi Saliba
Invasive Aspergillosis in acute Leukaemias Author: Morena Caira
TB and the rising tide of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Author: David Denning
Newer Combination Therapies Author: William Steinbach
Genetic susceptibility to Aspergillosis in allogeneic stem cell transplantation Author: Agostinho Carvalho
Aspergillus Endocarditis Author: Joe McCormack
Detection of fungal infections with radiolabelled antifungal agents Author: Antonella Lupetti
Fungal airway infection and proteinase-dependent atopy and asthma: an emerging paradigm Author: David Corry
Primary diagnostic approaches - molecular testing Author:Stephane Bretagne
Role of azole concentration monitoring (TDM) in patient management Author: Eliane Billaud
Surgical infection and outbreaks Author: Malcolm Richardson
Epidemiology and Outcomes of IA in the 21st Century:
Strengths and Weaknesses of Surveillance Databases
Author: Dionissios Neofytos
Optimal Prophylaxis:  Case for Fluconazole/ Itraconazole Author: P.H. Chandrasekar
Amphotericin- or Echinocandin-Based Antifungal Prophylaxis Approaches Author: Jo-Anne Young
Aspergillosis in AIDS Author: David Denning
Optimal Antifungal Prophylaxis - the Case for Posaconazole Author: Oliver Cornely
Primary immunodeficiencies and fungal infections Author: Adilia Warris
Surgical treatment: for whom and when? Author: Gilbert Massard
Epidemiology and surveillance of fungal infections: an overview Author: David Warnock
Imaging Findings in Neutropenic vs. Non- Neutropenic Patients Author: Claus Heussel
Aspergillosis - who gets what, why and when? Author: David Denning
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Antifungal Therapy,why, when and how? Author: Roger Brüggemann
Prophylaxis, Empirical, Pre-emptive Therapy of Aspergillosis in Hematological Patients: Which Strategy? Author: Georg Maschmeyer
In vitro cross-resistance between azoles inAspergillus fumigatus: a reason for concern in the clinic? Author: Emilia Mellado
PCR-where have we gone? Author: Manuel Cuenca-Estrella
New Developments and Challenges in Diagnostics of Invasive Fungal Infections? Author: O Marchetti
Fungal infections in COPD Author: W Meersseman
Invasive mycoses in cystic fibrosis and lung transplant Author: Elio Castagnola
Intrapulmonary drug distribution & pharmacodynamic interactions of antifungal drugs with host cells Author: Russell E Lewis
The association between environment and fungal disease Author: Malcolm Richardson
Educational resources on the internet Author: M. Richardson & P. Donnelly
Indoor fungi and climate change Author: Robert Samson
Voriconazole vs Itraconazole for Primary Prophylaxis of Invasive Fungal Infection (IFI) in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant (HCT) Recipients Author: David Marks
Prevention of invasive fungal infections in solid organ transplant recipients:
Universal or Targeted Prophylaxis?
Author: Paolo Grossi
Classical Mycology -we still need the basics Author: Patricio Godoy
Galactomannan testing: lessons from the last decade Author: Claudio Viscoli
Radiology of pulmonary invasive fungal infections Author: Dante L Escuissato
What are we looking at? Challenges in the diagnosis of Invasive Mould Diseases Author: A Pasqualotto
Invasive aspergillosis in patients taking steroids Author: A Pasqualotto
Monitoring antifungal treatment response in neutropenic patient with aspergillosis
Author: Clovis Arns da Cunha
Can we rely on imaging and biomarkers for pre-emptive antifungal therapy in hematological patients? Author: Claudio Viscoli
First line therapy for IA Author: Claudio Viscoli
Discussion and analysis of the major trials in invasive aspergillosis Author: David Denning
Diagnosis of Fungemia using Molecular Methods Author: Analy Salles
Antifungal Pharmacodynamics - A strategy to Optimize Efficacy
Author: David Andes
Aspergillus sinusitis in paediatric case with AML (with videos) Author: Raphaella Migliavacca
Is azole resistance increasing amongst Aspergillus species?
Author: Cornelia Lass-Florl
Concepts in rhinosinusitis Author : Nick Jones
Differential diagnosis of rhinosinusitis Author: Hesham Saleh
Transcription profiling of A fumigatus laeA in the murine lung Author : William Nierman
Factors influencing the Aspergillus fumigatus survival into the host, mediated by the calcineurin pathway. Author: Gustavo Goldman
Fungal infections in patients with hematological malignancies: advances in diagnosis and prevention Author: Yoshinobu Kanda
Should we monitor plasma levels of antifungal agents? Author: David Andes
Animal models in preclinical trials of aspergillosis Author: Karl Clemons
Fungal infections in non-neutropenic patients - CPA Author: Koichi Izumikawa
Filamentous fungal infections and the role of amphotericin B Author: David Denning
Fungal rhinosinusitis - a categorization and definitional schema Author: David Denning
Are fungi responsible for chronic sinusitis? Author:Arunaloke Chakrabarti
Antifungal therapy for children Author:Andreas Groll
Pharmacokinetics of antifungal agents in pediatric patients Author: Andreas Groll
Aspergillosis of the dog and cat Author: Rui Kano
Aspergillosis in wild and captive birds in Japan Author: Tokuma Yanai
Aspergillosis in breeding turkeys Author: Jacques Guillot
Sick building syndrome Author : Brian Crook
The role of fungi in respiratory allergies Author : David Denning
How to define response in clinical trials? Author : Ben de Pauw
Hospital water and invasive fungal infection Author : Peter Gaustad
Evolving Invasive Fungal Infections-What Are The Reasons and Implications For The change Author : Dimitrios Kontoyiannis
Management of confirmed aspergillosis Author : Oliver Cornely
Immune Reconstitution Syndrome in Immunosuppressed Hosts with Opportunistic Infections Author : Nina Singh, M.D
Proteome analysis for pathogenicity and new diagnostic markers Author: Olaf Kniemeyer
Conventional or molecular measurement of Aspergillus load Author: Karl Clemons
Neutrophils and Damage During Invasive Aspergillosis:
Superoxide and STAT3
Author: Steven Holland
Granulocyte products act as alarmins to enhance innate and adaptive immunity Author: De Yang
Stage-specific Innate Immune Recognition of Aspergillus fumigatus and Modulation by Echinocandin Drugs Author: Tobias Hohl
Invasive aspergillosis in steroid-treated patients Author: Dimitrios Kontoyiannis
Difference in Invasive Aspergillosis in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients Author: Shahid Husain
Aspergillosis - Invasive disease in patients with leukemia Author: Johan Maertens
Diagnostic Imaging in Experimental Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis Author: Thomas Walsh
Sexual structures in Aspergillus- morphology importance and genomics Author: David Geiser
Chitin synthases of aspergilli: functions of tip growth and morphogenesis in aspergillus nidulans Author: Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Controversies surrounding categorization of fungal sinusitis Author: Arunaloke Chakrabarti

Canine sino-aspergillosis parallels with human disease

Author: Michael Day
Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Author: Mark Schubert
Antifungal treatment of severe asthma Author: David Denning
The species concept in Aspergillus: recommendations of an international workshop Author: Robert Samson
MLST versus Microsatellites Author: Corne Klaassen
Comparison of the two sequenced clinical isolates of A. fumigatus Author: Natalie Fedorova
Cultivated anti-Aspergillus TH1 Cells Author: Thomas Lehrnbecher
Host response signatures to invasive aspergillosis Author: Teresa Zelante
Prophylaxis Limitations:  Challenges in the Management of Invasive Aspergillosis Author: Pranatharti Chandrasekar
Interactive case studies: improving clinical outcomes on invasive aspergillosis Author: Nina Singh
Role of (1-3)-beta-D-glucan in the diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis Author: Francisco Marty
Sick Building Syndrome: Is Mould the Cause? Author: Abba Terr
Cerebral Aspergillosis: Tissue Penetration is the Key Author: Stefan Schwartz
Differences in the immunobiology of Aspergillus colonization and
Author: Jay Kolls
Asthma and its phenotypes Author: Sally Wenzel
Regulation of immunity in bronchiectasis and ABPA Author: Rosemary Boyton
Mechanisms behind the CF-ABPA link Author: Dominik Harti
Clinical Trial Design for Mould–active Agents: 
Time to Break the Mold
Author: Elias Anaissie
Aspergillus and Biotechnology Author: Scott Baker
Subtelomeric Diversity as a Major Force in Evolution of Aspergillus Secondary Metabolism and Virulence Pathways Author: Bill Nierman
What do we know about the role of gliotoxin in pathobiology of Aspergillus Author: June Kwong-Chung
Biofilm formation by Aspergillus Author: Gordon Ramage
Interaction of Aspergillus with human respiratory mucosa Author: Ryoichi Amitani
Fungal infections in COPD Author: Wouter Meersseman
Fungal infections in cystic fibrosis Author: Elio Castagnola
Molecular diagnostics beyond PCR Author: Maurizio Sanguinetti
New immunosuppressive agents as risk factors for fungal infections Author:George Maschmeyer
Invasive mycoses in the brain Author: Livio Pagano
Aspergillus in the non-neutropenic host Author: Jorge Garbino
Combination antifungal therapy Author: Jack Edwards
Design of Clinical Trials for Treatment of Invasive Fungal Infections Author: John Powers
New Immunomodulators and Invasive Fungal Infections Author: Jo-Anne H. Young & Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis
Clinical relevance of resistance in Aspergillus Author: David Denning
Epidemiology of Invasive Fungal Infections in Children Author: Theoklis Zaoutis
Treatment Guidelines for Invasive Aspergillosis Author: Thomas Patterson
Antifungal Drugs in Neonates and Children Author: William Steinbach
Detecting and defining resistance Author: Paul Verweij
Regulatory aspects of aspergillus nomenclature Author: Piet van Dijck
The importance of aspergilli in biotechnology Author: Piet van Dijck
Mating type and species recognition in the aspergilli Author: Paul Dyer
Biodiversity of aspergillus sp. nigri from grapes in Europe Author: Giancarlo Perrone
Aspergillus DNA barcoding –progress so far Author: Janos Varga et al
New taxa in the Aspergillus genus Author: Janos Varga et al
Aflatoxin biosynthesis and regulation Author: Kenneth Ehrlich
Genetic diversity in A. flavus (S & L) Author: Kenneth Ehrlich
Experience from the yeast database Author: Vincent Robert
Ochratoxin A in profiling and speciation Author: F Javier Cabanes
Dynamics of dsRNA mycoviruses in black Aspergillus populations Author: Anne van Diepeningen
Genome sequencing and analysis of the versatile cell factory
Aspergillus niger
Author: Noël van Peij
Species delimitation in Aspergillus Section Fumigatus based on polyphasic taxonomy Author: Seung-Beom Hong
het-genes in Aspergillus niger Author: Karoly Pal
Five talks - powerpoint slides and audio presentations -David Denning; Kieren Marr; Thomas Walsh; jean-Paul Latge; Gordon Brown
Aspergillosis: New risk groups Author: Maiken Cavling Arendrup
Early Diagnosis and Pre-emptive Therapy of Fungal Pneumonia in High Risk Patients: Current Thinking Author: Kieren Marr
Author: David Denning
Author: Johan Maertens
Jean-Philippe Bouchara
Author: Jacques Guillot
Aspergillus sinusitis Author: David Denning
Author: David Denning
Current recommendations for the prevention of nosocomial infection: are they applicable to moulds? Author:Rosemary Barnes
Postoperative Aspergillosis Author: Alessandro C. Pasqualotto
Infections in non-myeloablative « Reduced intensity conditioning » stem cell transplant. Author: Catherine Cordonnier
Global control of Aspergillus fumigatus Toxins Author: Nancy Keller
Aspergillus fumigatus - Growth and virulence Author: Judith Rhodes
Invasive Aspergillosis in Critically Ill Patients
A New 21th Century Problem?
Author: Koenraad Vandewoude
ABPA and Asthma fungal sensitisation (20 Mb)
Author: Alan Knutsen
Aspergillosis in the USA, UK and Japan in 20th Century Author: David Denning
Allergen Genomics Author: Paul Bowyer
AFRS: Current Approaches to Postoperative Management Author: Bradley Marple
Managing Drug Interactions in the Patient with Aspergillosis Author: Russell E. Lewis
Treatment of Invasive Aspergillosis:
Polyenes, Azoles, Echinocandins?
Author: Tom Patterson
Critique of trials in ABPA and fungal allergy Author: Richard Moss
Status of susceptibility testing in Aspergillus Author: Cornelia Lass-Flörl
PCR -platforms strengths and weaknesses Author: Lewis White
Invasive aspergillosis: Elucidation of genetic risk factors for disease Author: Aimee Zaas
The impact of environmental fungi on housing and building design Author: Martin Chapman
Airborne fungal fragments and allergenicity Author: Brett Green
Whole genome comparison of A. flavus and A. oryzae Author: Gary Payne
What's new in the Aspergillus niger genome? Author: Scott Baker
Whole genome comparison of A. fumigatus group Author: Jennifer Wortman
Toll-like receptors: recent advances, open questions and implications for aspergillosis control. Author: Frank Ebel
Update on Glucan detection Author: Malcolm Richardson
Fungal Infections in Cancer Patients
Author: Georg Maschmeyer
Update on antigen detection Author: Paul Verweij
History of Medical Mycology in Germany Author: Markus Ruhnke
Invasive aspergillosis : Update on conventional diagnosis Author: Jacques Bille
What can genomics tell us about secondary metabolism in Aspergillus Author: Geoffrey Turner
Genome and proteomic analysis of industrial fungi Author: Scott E. Baker
The use of RNAi to suppress gene function in industrial fungi Author: Nigel S. Dunn-Coleman
The importance of early appropriate therapy of invasive aspergillosis Author: Helen Boucher
Latest developments in the treament of invasive aspergillosis Author: William Steinbach
Getting to the diagnosis of aspergillosis-tests and their interpretation Author: David Denning
Combination Anti-fungal therapy: current concepts, lab investigations and clinical trials. Author: Tom Walsh
The hodge-podge of azole antimyotics: Prudent choices and uses Author: John Perfect
Treatment of invasive mycoses in the European Community: Contrasts and comparisone with American clinical practice. Author: Paul Verweij
What beneficial role may the laboratory play involving aspergillosis - isolation, identification, serologic diagnoses, susceptibility testing, epidemiology? Author: Dimitrios Kontoyiannis
Management of invasive aspergillosis Author: David Denning
Management of allergic aspergillosis Author: David Stevens
The comparative genomics of Aspergilli. Author: William Nierman, TIGR
Microtubules and polarized growth in Aspergillus nidulans Author: Reinhard Fischer, Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology
The evolution of Aspergillus species Author: David Geiser, Penn State University, USA
Advances in the Diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis Author: Paul Verweij
What the Aspergillus Genomes have told us Author: William Nierman
Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis Author: David Denning
Microscopic Observation and Culture of Aspergillus species:
The Traditional Way
Author: Nancy McClenny
Paediatric Aspergillosis: New Findings and Unique Aspects Author: William Steinbach
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