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This page has a collection of scientific videos.

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A computer graphical illustration of aspergillus releasing its spores

An illustration of the fungal pathogen Cordyceps australis invading insect bodies - time lapse filming from the BBC

Collection of new video images illustrating interactions between human phagocytic cells and fungal elements (6 clips)

Sea Fans - a series of videos of a team surveying aspergillus infection of sea fans near Key West Florida (2 clips)

A description of the histopathology of aspergillosis in a lung section
(2 clips)

A clip showing wave like mitosis events in Aspergillus nidulans

A clip showing showing tip growth, nuclear movement and coupled mitosis in Aspergillus nidulans

Aspergillus hyphal growth (courtesy of Dr Patrick Hickey, Lux Biotechnology and Dr Nick Read, Edinburgh University.)

Role of microtubules in rapid hyphal tip growth in A nidulans
(6 clips) Courtesy of Horio and Oakley

Phagocytosis of A. fumigatus conidia by the mouse alveolar macrophage cell-line MH-S

Other resources
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