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Acute Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis

IPA in leukaemia, Pt TH before & after itraconazole   Pt DR IPA in leukaemia   IPA in allogenic BMT   IPA in leukaemia, Pt JH
IPA IPA in non- Hodgkins lymphoma with positive blood culture for aspergillus IPA in leukaemia H IPA in leukaemia, Pt DW IPA in BMT, Pt NM
Pulmonary infarction, Pt DB Air crescent sign, Pt CH

10.Pt CH Air crescent sign IPA,

IPA in leukaemia, Pt RR Lung perfusion scan, Pt RR
Pneumothorax in IPA Halo sign in IPA Diffuse bitateral nodular IPA in AIDS PT JA Diffuse bilateral IPA in IDS Pt JA
Pt CA fever chart-heart transplant with IPA

17.Pt CA fever chart, heart transplant with IPA

Pt RN Halo sign in AML Pt CD Fungal ball with AML Allogeneic BMT IPA Pt AB with bilateral nodules
Air crescent (halo) sign after resolved neutropenia Needle biopsy of lung Pt KS with CML Pt VS Haemoptysis post lung-transplant
PT CC disseminated aPt CC 10 images IPA, MRI and CT scans of disseminated aspergillosis in PT with ALL. Aspergillus flavus infection invasive with adenocarcinoma PtSS Pt SS invasive aspergillosis with adenocarcinoma CGD pt with invasive aspergillosis  with mulch pneumonitis

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