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Aspergilloma/chronic necrotising pulmonary aspergillosis

aspergilloma with leukaemia   aspergilloma with leukaemia Aspergilloma in lung of child with leukaemia   xray disappearing aspergilloma A disappearing aspergilloma (5 images)

aspergilloma chronic IPA Right apical aspergilloma Pt JC Right apical aspergilloma CT scan right apical aspergilloma Pt JC Right apical aspergilloma, Angiogram, embolisation
Right apical aspergilloma Embolisation Pt WC Embolisation 1
embolisation Pt WC Embolisation 2
embolisation embolisation Pt WC Embolisation 6 embolisation
post embolisation

Bilateral aaspergilloma
aspergilloma with TB
Pt BF Left apical aspergilloma with TB
aspegilloma and sarcoidosis
Patient DB Aspergilloma complicating sarcoidosis (5 images
Percutaneous lung biopsy
PtDB2 A disappearing aspergilloma Pt MV aspergilloma with emphysema
(6 images with histology)

PT NM aspergilloma with cavities following pneumonia (7 images)

TB aspergilloma cavity

Tb and aspergilloma TB with aspergilloma (2)
CF with aspergilloma and ABPA
PT EG scans and X ray of Cystic fibrosisF Pt with ABPA, diabetes and aspergilloma
(3 images) CT, Xray and bronchoscopy
Pt EG Cystic fibrosis and aspergilloma Cystic fibrosis with aspergilloma PT EG (3 more images 2011)   


The images below were supplied by LC Severo, with the help of AC Pasqualotto, at Santa Casa Complexo Hospitalar, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Double diffusion   multiple aspergillomas   multi-aspergilloma   radioraph of fungal ball
fungal ball and eosinophils

Patient CS. Fungusball, lung surface

dead fungus ball
hisology fungal ball H&E fungal ball conidia in fungal ball fungal ball TB cavity

Fungal ball removed from a patient with TB cavity

Ca oxalate crystals in fungal ball in situ fungal ball in situ fungal ball removed cavity with fungal colonisation
luminal surface of cavity pathology of cavities aspergillus conidiophores in fungal ball fungal ball
Oxalate crystals in the cavity wall Oxalate crystals within renal tubuli Oxalate crystals within renal tubuli (higher mag.) CNPA hyaline hyphae
Fungal ball histopathology Fungal ball histopathology  

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