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Antifungal drugs for aspergillosis - Click here for side effects of anti-fungal drugs.

Several of these structures are now available in 3D viewable format. To view these files you need to download
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Antifungal drugs


Structure diagrams



standard format

3D format
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Ambisome ambisome    
Abafungin   abafungin
Albaconazole   albaconazole
Aminocandin   aminocandin
Amphotec/Amphocil amphocil    
Amphotericin B amphotericin
Amphotericin B Lipid Complex amphotericin B lipid complex    
Anidulafungin   anidulafungin
BetaAminosaurin   betaaminosaurin
Caspofungin (MK-0991)   caspofungin
Cilofungin   cilofungin
CS758 (Triazole)   cs758  
D0870 (Triazole)   d0870
Echinocandin A   echinocandina  
Echinocandin B   echinocandinb
Echinocandin B-kern   echinocandinbkern
Flucytosine   flucytosine
Genaconazole   genaconazole
GM-237354   gm237354
Hydroxyitraconazole   hydroxyitraconazole
Isavuconazole   isavuconazole
Itraconazole   itraconazole
Ketoconazole   ketoconazole
KP103 (Triazole)   kp103
L685818   l685818
Micafungin (FK463)   micafungin
Miconazole   miconazole
Nikkomycin   nikkomycin
Nystatin   nystatin
Posaconazole (SCH56592)   posaconazole
Ravuconazole (BM-207147)   ravuconazole
Saperconazole (R68905)   sapreconazole
SCH207962 (Triazole)   sch207962
SCH39304 (Triazole)   sch39304
SCH51087 (Triazole)   sch51087
SCH59884 (Triazole)   sch59884
Sordarin (GM193663)   gm193663
Sordarin (GM222712)   gm222712
Sordarin (GM237354)   gm237354
SPA-S-753/SPK-843   spas753spk843
Tacrolimus (FK506)   tacrolimus
TAK-187 (Triazole)   tak187
Terbinafine   terbinafine
UR-9825 (Triazole)   ur9825
Voriconazole (UK-109,496)   voriconazole
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