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 Aspergillus clavatus

Aspergillus clavatus growing on contaminated barley malt. The deep blue-green heads made up of chains of conidia are seen on the left. On the right, conidiophores from which conidial chains are developed show typical clavate heads. Stain- Cotton blue in Lactophenol.

With thanks to Walter Blyth, Department of Botany at Edinburgh University.

Aspergillus clavatus
Left= an agar air plate exposed for 2 minutes after the barley had been turned. showing numerous colonies of the fungus following incubation at 26C on 2% malt agar.
Right= A sputum sample taken from a maltworker after exposure showing many fungal colonies when cultured on agar. His commensal yeast flora is seen towards the right base as cream/white colonies.
Aspergillus clavatus
Kindly provided by Dagmar Biegon, and with thanks to F2G Ltd.
A colour enhanced image.

A Colonies on MEA after one week;B conidial heads and tip of conidiophore, x 230; C conidial head, x920; E conidial head, x920

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