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Aspergillus niveus
Aspergillus niveus

Cultures were grown on malt extract agar. Light microscopy at 1000x stained with lacto-phenol cotton blue.

Images were kindly provided by Niall Hamilton

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Distinctive features

Colony characteristics. Colonies (CzA) growing rather slowly, white.

Microscopy. Cinidiophore stipes smooth walled, hyaline, up to 1000 micrometre long. Conidial heads small, radiate to loosely columnar, white, becoming dull ivory with age. Vesicles hemispherical, 8-15 micrometre diam. Conidiogenous cells biseriate. Metulae covering the upper one- to two-thirds of the vesicle. Conidia spherical, hyaline, 2-2.5 micrometre daim, smooth walled.

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