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Microscopic Pathology of Aspergillosis

Aspergillus pathology lung   bronchopneumonia   bronchopneumonia
nodules in lung
bronchial aspergillosis vascular thrombosis pulmonary aspergillosis
pulmonary aspergillosis endocaditiis
cerebral aspergillosis sputum microscopy
intracellular hyphae hyphae arterial wall hyphae
hyphae traversing elastin fibres elastase production by A.fumigatus A. fumigatus stained
microscopy fumigatus lung biopsy bronchocentric granulomatosis lung biopsy bronchocentric granulomatosis
bronchocentric granulomatosis ntric granulomatosis blood vessel occlusion
vessel thrombosis invasive aspergillosis disseminated aspergillosis in skeletal muscle

Disseminated aspergillosis-skeletal muscle x50

disseminated aspergillosis disseminated aspergillosis PtCJ blood stained sputum

PT CJ Blood stained sputum

abpa patient DL mucous impaction Pt MV Aspergilloma Pt DG  pseudomembraneous trachyeobronchitis
 part of a colony forming an aspergilloma Part of a colony forming an aspergilloma aspergillus granulomatous GMS stain showing aspergillus granuloma vascular invasion in aspergillosis Vascular invasion in aspergillosis
TEM of part of an aspergilloma colony(3 images) oxalate Oxalate crystals in renal tubule oxalate in cavity wall Oxalate crystals in a cavity wall

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