Aspergillus Genomics - Aspergillus flavus

  1. The Aspergillus flavus Genomics Advisory Committee

    Funding for the whole genome sequence and assembly of Aspergillus flavus will commence 1st November 2003, with sequencing and annotation to be performed at TIGR. The project will extend over two years but 3x sequence coverage and assemblies are expected early in 2004.

  2. TIGR Aspergillus flavus Gene Index

    The TIGR Aspergillus flavus Gene Index integrates research data from international Aspergillus flavus EST sequencing and gene research projects. The goal is to represent a non-redundant view of all Aspergillus flavus genes and data on their expression patterns, cellular roles, functions, and evolutionary relationships.

  3. A. flavus codon usage table