Aspergillus Genomics - Aspergillus terreus

  1. Genome project overview

    An overview of the genome project can be found at the NCBI website.

  2. Unannotated genome sequence

    The unannotated genome sequence of Aspergillus terreus strain NIH 2624 has been publicly released by the Broad Institute. The 11.0 x assembly consists of 267 contigs that cover 29.2 Mb; the contigs have been linked to form 26 scaffolds. The assembly is available for downloading and for BLAST searching on the Broad website. It has, in addition, been submitted to the whole genome shotgun section of the NCBI.

    Aspergillus terreus is one of the original fifteen target organisms of the Fungal Genome Initiative.

    This project was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease as part of a larger Aspergillus comparative genomics effort involving the Microbial Sequencing Centers at the Broad Institute and at TIGR. The larger project was created through a white paper submitted by Bruce Birren (Broad), Bill Nierman (TIGR) and David Denning (The University of Manchester).

  3. Comparative analysis of an emerging fungal pathogen, Aspergillus terreus

    Aspergillus terreus has emerged as a significant cause of aspergillosis and its incidence is increasing. The document puts forward a case for the sequencing of its genome, together with the genomes of two other Aspergilli, A.clavatus and A.fischerianus.

  4. A. terreus codon usage table